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Different types of tests at CPG

Below are just some of the areas of psychometric assessment offered at CPG. All assessments are tailored to suit the individual's specific needs or concerns.

Neuropsychological TestingNeuropsychological testing assesses cognitive functions that are linked to areas of the brain, such as an individual's memory, attention, mental speed, and visual processing among others. Neurocognitive problems may have many causes, including those that are medical, neurological or psychological. Testing can assist in determining the etiology of symptoms and a proper diagnosis, such as specific learning disorders, ADHD, dementia and other cognitive deficits. CPG neuropsychological assessments include a comprehensive report with recommendations for treatment planning and services to meet the client's specific needs. Additionally, the assessment report will highlight the client's strengths and weaknesses which can assist them and their family in learning how to cope with and manage symptoms.

Ability and Intelligence (IQ) TestingGeneral intelligence tests assess one's general ability (your intelligence). They are not dependent on prior learning or knowledge but more on how good you are at problem solving and logical thinking. Specific ability tests include attainment tests (also known as work-related tests) and aptitude tests. Attainment tests measure skills and knowledge already possessed, such as a typing test. They measure what you may have learned and know now. Aptitude tests measure your potential (i.e., natural ability or aptitude) for certain activities. These include specialised tests for particular careers (such as IT, science or engineering). Aptitude tests are prospective, meaning that they measure what a client is capable of achieving or their learning potential.

Personality testingPersonality assessment is probably the most widely recognised form of psychometric testing. Personality can be defined as those relatively stable and enduring aspects of a person which distinguishes them from others. Tests measuring personality often ask about opinions, attitudes and how one would behave in certain situations. Questions are commonly presented in the form of multiple-choice statements, and unlike most tests, there are no right or wrong answers. CPG personality assessments can reveal a client's unique traits and assist them in using these characteristics to enhance interpersonal relationships and job satisfaction. Work related personality questionnaires are designed to allow organisations to measure aspects of a candidate's personality. They seek to present a picture of how a person will behave in particular circumstances.

Career AssessmentsCareer assessments involve measurements of personality type, interest profiles and skill sets. They can also include aptitude or ability testing. Such individual characteristics can vary greatly from one person to another, which is why some jobs are great for one person but hated by the next. A CPG Career Assessment provides comprehensive feedback and guidance on what type of work environment is most compatible with a client's interests, motivations, personality and skill set, and can reveal career paths that might not have previously been considered. This individualised service can dramatically assist a client in finding the right career fit and improving overall job satisfaction and happiness.

Psychometrics for OrganisationsOrganisations use psychometric testing in their recruitment, staff development and retention processes. CPG's Psychometric Testing can reliably assist organisations with recruiting the right candidates with the right combination of abilities and personal qualities. Furthermore, CPG's Psychometric Testing can serve as a valuable tool for screening a large number of applicants at an early stage, saving the employer both time and money.

We can administer our tests in our conveniently located offices or in your place of work.

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