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Maya Mukamel

Dr Maya Mukamel
BA (Hons.), MA (Clinical Psychology), PhD
Counselling Psychologist
CPG Clinical Affiliate

Maya is a counseling psychologist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Maya has extensive clinical experience, both in the public sector and in private practice. She has completed an MA in Clinical Psychology in Tel Aviv University, Israel. Upon the completion of a four-year training in mental health institutions and organizations, she was certified as a Clinical Psychologist by the Israeli Ministry of Health. She also pursued an academic career, and continued her post-graduate studies in Gender Studies, where she wrote a thesis on the concepts of limits and boundaries from a psychoanalytic and philosophical perspective. She is currently a full-time lecturer on the MA in Counselling programme at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Maya's practice is based mainly on psychodynamic approaches, particularly on the Relational approach and Attachment Theory. She combines those with Focusing-Oriented Therapy, in which body-focused attention is central. She has completed a two-year course in Focusing-Oriented Therapy and is certified by The Focusing Institute. She is also proficient at integrating cognitive-behavioural (CBT) and mindfulness-based approaches into her clinical work. Maya has a special interest in working with individuals who experience gaps in their levels of functioning, negative self-regard, difficulties in relationships and relational trauma. These would include anxiety, depression, procrastination, work-related stress, difficulties related to body image and to loss, to name a few. Maya is also interested in working with couples who experience impasses in their relationship, and uses the psychodynamic perspective to explore, gain an understanding and transform relational patterns.

Maya engages with critical gender and cultural theories in her research, and integrates insights from those in her clinical work, particularly when working with difficulties related to gender, culture and ethnicity. She has worked in widely varied contexts and her work has always been supplemented with human rights advocacy of mental health issues in restrictive political environments. She was one of the co-founders of Psychoactive: Mental Health Professionals for Human Rights in Israel, and has been an active member who initiated and led projects in organizations until her move to the UK, in 2016.

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