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Psychometric Testing for Children and Adolescents

Below are just some of the areas of psychometric assessment offered at CPG. All assessments are tailored to suit the individual's specific needs or concerns and comprehensive reports and recommendations are provided.

Ability / Intelligence (IQ) TestingGeneral intelligence tests assess a child or adolescent's general ability (or intelligence). They are not dependent on prior learning or knowledge but rather how good the child is at problem solving and logical thinking. Intelligence tests are used for identifying giftedness or cognitive strengths and weaknesses in children. Intelligence tests are often used to help determine academic placement.

Achievement TestsAchievement tests are standardised tests that measure a child or adolescent's developed skills or knowledge at a certain educational level. They are used to determine a child's academic proficiency at a given level of education. Achievement tests are also administered with tests of intelligence to diagnose learning difficulties in children.

Adaptive BehaviourAdaptive behavioural tests are used to evaluate the learned behaviours of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for communication delays and behavioural impairments. These tests evaluate the abilities and needs of infants and children who have disabilities or are at risk for developmental delays.

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Functioning TestsSocial, emotional and behavioural tests assess a child or adolescent's social, emotional and behavioral functioning in various domains, such as internalising problems (i.e., aggressive, hyperactive, noncompliant, anxious, depressive or obsessive behaviours) and socialisation deficits. Information is collected across various contexts, such as in the home, community and school environments.

Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) AssessmentsADHD assessments identify symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficits of children or adolescents that meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. These tests also collect varying perspectives on a child or adolescent's behaviour from parents, teachers, caregivers along the child or adolescent.

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