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What's involved in psychometric testing?

The initial meeting will consist of a comprehensive interview during which the testing psychologist will obtain all the relevant information around your concerns. Based on this information, one or a number of tests will be carefully selected and customised for you. You will then meet with your testing psychologist who will administer the assessment. Tests can be administered by pencil and paper or computer. Depending on the particular assessment used, you may be asked to complete checklists or written questions, answer questions verbally, remember and recite information, or perform timed tasks (see Different Types of Testing at CPG).

The length of testing sessions varies and is customised to your specific needs; it may take an hour or a day or more. The average testing session is approximately two hours. Longer assessments can be arranged around your schedule. CPG provides a comfortable and private testing environment and breaks are offered if needed.

A follow up session will be scheduled at the end of the testing session(s). This is a debriefing session in which the testing psychologist provides you with an extensive and comprehensive report of your test results. The psychologist will review and explain results to you in a clear and non-scientific way and provide treatment planning recommendations and/or referral information. If required, reports can be sent directly to your referral source, general practitioner or HR department.

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