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Relationship and Family Difficulties and Couple Conflict

'A relationship that needs to be worked on is not worth having!' This belief is one of many 'myths' that can lead to relationship distress. None of us are taught how to have a 'good relationship', yet relationships are hard work and they take effort and skill to maintain and nurture.

When we experience trouble in relationships we start to lose confidence in them and ourselves which can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. Sometimes a sense of pride, helplessness or anger prevents us from seeking help.

Conflict and arguments in relationships often revolve around a 'blame culture', and we often feel that it is the other person that needs help. This is another 'myth' that only leads to more conflict.

In a relationship, both parties have a 'shared responsibility' to make changes.

Psychological therapy for couples and individuals can help those in relationships to gain an understanding of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and communication, and find alternative ways to deal with differences.

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