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CPG was established in 2007 to meet the growing need for high-quality psychological services that are accessible to all, including busy professionals and others feeling the pressures of fast-paced London life. 

Since then we have built a team of highly skilled Chartered Psychologists with expertise across the full range of psychological issues and interventions. They follow a hybrid work model seeing clients at either one of our Central London locations or via online means whilst being supported by a dedicated administration and customer liaison team.

We work with individuals of all ages, businesses, the legal system, and the media. 

We work at the cutting edge of psychology, grounded in the latest research evidence. 

We offer an assurance of quality: clients working with CPG receive the very best help, whatever the issue. 

What is a Chartered Psychologist?

“The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised and reflects only the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise.” - the British Psychological Society

Chartered Psychologist is a legally protected title: only psychologists who qualify may use it. 

At CPG we are all clinical or counselling psychologists, meaning that we are competent to deliver all psychological therapies and to conduct academic research in psychology. Some of us hold additional specialised qualifications in occupational and coaching psychology.

Do you have any questions?

All our people work together to provide exceptional support in strict confidence. If you would like to talk to us or make an appointment please call 0330 333 2323 or contact us via our secure online form.

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