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"I have always been intrigued by what conditions are needed for individuals to make positive change in their lives and leave behind everything that is holding them back; fulfilling these conditions and having the right skillset, which everyone can develop, is the path forward to a fulfilling life".

About Me
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My work involves actively listening to the core needs of my clients and through my diverse experience helping them to resolve any internal conflict that might exist and equipping them with the necessary skillset to facilitate and maintain positive change in their lives. 

I consider myself to be an integrative Counselling Psychologist as I am a firm believer in the metaphor ‘there is not a one pill that makes everyone happy’. My promise to my clients is that I utilise methods and techniques that have been backed up by scientific evidence.

Panagiotis can assist his clients with many different problems. He specialises in the treatment of anxiety, depression, problem gambling and psychosomatic symptoms as well as some mild personality disorders.

Panagiotis uses techniques and therapy practices from various psychotherapeutic paradigms with his main modality being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Personal Consultancy which is a framework of utilising counselling and coaching to assist his clients with various difficulties. Also, Panagiotis in trained in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy which is a valuable tool in utilising our imagination and focus to make positive change in our lives. Panagiotis also draws theories and techniques from applied positive psychology and coaching to further assist his clients.

Panagiotis used to work in a volunteer capacity as a trainee counselling psychologist within the NHS, mainly in IAPT services helping individuals overcome depression and anxiety. He has also gained unique expertise working within the National Problem Gambling Clinic where he gained a lot of experience helping individuals to overcome gambling problems. As well as this before joining forces with CPG, Panagiotis ran his own private practice in London where he helped many individuals presenting with various difficulties.

Karagiannis, P. & Farrants, J (2021). How Do People Who Experience Problems With Gambling Experience The Workplace: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Study. Part of the Doctoral Portfolio (Unpublished)

Karagiannis,P. & Kaviani, H. (2021). Targeted Positive Psychology Interventions for Ailments of the Heart: A Systematic Review. Project for the completion of Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (Unpublished).

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