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Couples Therapy

What kind of therapy is it?

Couples therapy is any therapy done with both partners to a relationship. It may draw on a range of therapeutic approaches.

How does it work?

In couples therapy you will develop a greater understanding of what is causing the difficulties in your relationship, by examining both how the partners in the relationship interact, and the wider context surrounding them. You will then work to change any behaviours that are contributing to the difficulties, to express thoughts and feelings more openly, to communicate more skilfully, and to further develop the strengths that the relationship already has.

What will a typical session be like?

Couples therapists take a non-judgemental stance: no is blamed, judged, or seen as “the problem” in the relationship. Couples therapists might use a range of techniques in sessions, but are always likely to emphasise honest, open communication between the partners in the relationship.

What’s the evidence?

Little research has been done on couples therapy, but there is good evidence that it is an effective treatment for depression.

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