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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

What kind of therapy is it?

EFT is a short-term form of therapy that focuses on adult relationships and attachment/bonding. It is used in both couples and one-to-one therapy. The therapist and client(s) look at patterns in the relationship and seek to create a healthier, more trusting bond.

What problems can it help with?

EFT can help with couple and family relationship difficulties, and particularly with highly volatile relationship patterns. It helps clients dealing with angerfear, loss of trust, or a sense of betrayal in their relationships. EFT can also help reduce individual symptoms of depression or trauma.

What will a typical session be like?

An EFT therapist observes the dynamics between clients in the therapy room and listens to the client(s) description of their relationships, and draws links between present-day relationship dynamics and patterns in earlier relationships. The therapist is then able to direct the client(s) attentions to feelings that they were not aware of having, and to guide them towards more honest and healthy ways of communicating. This facilitates greater connection and attunement between the parties to a relationship, so that their needs can be met and greater trust and intimacy can develop. 

What is the evidence?

There is considerable evidence for the effectiveness of EFT. It is based upon an empirically validated theory of adult bonding, and is effective across various types clients and couples.

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