Coronavirus continues to affect us all in different ways and we have learnt how to adapt ourselves to keep safe and well. At City Psychology Group (CPG) we remain supportive of your mental health and wellbeing needs, and we are available and ready to help.


Kindly note: we offer all forms of psychological therapy, be this in-person, via videocall or telephone to ensure you have access to the same high-quality care that you expect from us.


 Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in receiving CPG’s reputable support, whether this is for you or for someone else, or just want to find out more.


 Wishing you the best of health.

City Psychology Group

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Our customer service and administration team

Rachael Sampayo

Senior Customer Care Representative & PA to Clinical Team

Rachael has worked for CPG for over ten years as an Administrator. Rachael is highly organised and professional in her approach. She has always had a passion for mental health and strongly believes that engaging in therapeutic support can help individuals in their recovery.

Rachael acknowledges that when individuals contact our service, they may be in distress, so she ensures they receive a person-centred and confidential service. Rachael’s main duties involve, extensive diary management, front line customer service, training staff and contribution to new projects such as CRM implementation and maintenance.

Charlotte Hukin 

Customer Care Representative & PA to Clinical Team

Charlotte joined the administration team in 2020. She previously worked in arts education, with a focus on creativity, wellbeing and mindfulness. Through this role she developed an interest in supporting positive mental health and is proud to be part of the team at CPG. With lots of experience working in public facing roles, Charlotte enjoys connecting with a wide range people.  Interacting with our clients on a daily basis is Charlotte’s favourite thing about working at CPG.


Alongside our team of psychologists is a customer service and administration team who work to provide you with the best possible experience of using CPG's services. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to talk to us or make an appointment please call 0330 333 2323 or contact us via our secure online form

Benedetta Carletti

Customer Care Representative & PA to Clinical Team

Benedetta loves to work behind the scenes to ensure that all of CPG’s clients receive the best support. She is proud to be part of a great team of passionate professionals who are pioneering improvements in the field of mental health. She is passionate to ensure that all our clients are receiving the best experience on their journey to a better and happier self.

Benedetta brings her unique customer service and management experience to her administration role. She is passionate about everything concerning human beings and is a Buddhist, qualified Reiki master and yoga teacher, as well as holding a master’s degree in Art.

One of Benedetta’s favourite quotes from her mentor Daisaku Ikeda, SGI president, is:

‘A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.’

Bhavini Tailor

Customer Care Representative & PA to Clinical Team

Bhavini joined the administrative team in 2022, she is passionate and knowledgeable with vast experience accustomed to addressing the changing needs of an office and enjoys supporting colleagues, management, and clients with her great assistance skills.

Bhavini believes mental health is at it’s highest it’s ever been and this topic lays very close to her and is happy to be working for a great company that allows therapist to help those out and making sure no one feels alone.

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