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“Not reaching one’s potential in relationships, work, and life, is a major source of unhappiness. I aim to quickly help people identify the most effective therapy for their situation and goals”

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I have trained extensively in a range of therapies over the last decade. I have learnt that a key predictor of good therapy is the fit between the client and therapist. Taking a modern and flexible approach, I integrate a range of therapies to meet the unique needs of  my clients. I recognise that a lot of positive changes can occur, even in brief, short-term therapy, where I help people to build on their existing strengths and enhance these.

I believe that a person’s past experiences, sometimes at a deeper level, can underlie current problems. My intensive training as a psychotherapist has allowed me to develop skills in building strong therapeutic relationships with people, to help them see links between their past and present, and have a more in-depth understanding of themselves. This has ultimately helped my clients to improve relationships and increase their personal effectiveness. As a Clinical Psychologist, I also draw upon a range of modern evidence-based therapies (e.g. ACT and CBT), which focus more heavily on changing the present and future. Sometimes clarifying our goals, and taking action to reach these, can be the most effective strategy.

Sam is highly trained and skilled in a number of psychological therapies. He initially trained as a Humanistic-Integrative Counsellor, and then completed an intensive four-year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training. Following this, he completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, where he gained experience of working with individuals of all ages and presenting issues, and developed competence in delivering evidence-based therapy models (including CBT).

He has worked extensively in the voluntary sector, including as a Co-Director of an emotional support service.  He is adept in working with anxiety disorders (e.g. social anxiety, OCD), stress, work-related stress and depression, as well as having a particular expertise in the severe end of the mental health spectrum, such as with psychosis. Sam is currently training in EMDR, and has worked with patients with PTSD. Sam also has considerable experience and interest in offering online therapy for people who otherwise are unable to attend in person, for example due to hectic home and work schedules.

Sam has worked in the therapy field for over 13 years, including within the NHS, voluntary and private sectors. He has experience working across the mental health spectrum, from anxiety, depression and stress, to more complex mental health problems (including psychosis and personality disorder). He currently practices with forensic psychology services, supervises other professionals, and has provided consultation to external organisations as a Clinical Psychologist within the NHS, and previously was a Co-Director of a large emotional support charity. He has also delivered training on a Doctoral Psychology program, as well as to services such as the Metropolitan police. 

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