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Types of Testing for Organisations

Below are just some of the areas of psychometric testing that our orgainsational and corporate clients have found most valuable:

Motivation TestingMotivation testing is a helpful tool for assisting employers in advising their employees on future career direction. Testing can assist in understanding themes and directions in the employee's career path and life decisions. A potential employee's CV may provide considerable insight into his or her career aims, but it can also offer an incomplete picture. CPG's Psychometric Testing uses career interest and motivation questionnaires exploring interests, attitudes and motivations to reveal career themes, areas and targets.

Work Related Personality TestingWork related personality questionnaires are designed to allow organisations to measure aspects of a candidate's personality. They seek to present a picture of how a person will behave in particular circumstances.

360 Degree AssessmentCPG provides in-house guidance for implementing 360 Degree Assessment programs. An assessment program involves electing a committee of colleagues at various levels to provide feedback on a particular employee. Committee members anonymously rate the employee's performance in various situations using multiple choice questionnaires. The employee is also asked to rate his or her performance in the same areas. Our testing psychologists then map responses to give a detailed picture of the areas that require improvement. Results are presented positively and are typically accepted with enthusiasm, especially if they are to everyone's advantage.

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