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A unique and innovative approach

We understand that people may not want to sit around for hours in therapy these days. We have used our expertise to devise a unique and brief approach to psychological therapy and counselling that gets effective results without you having to meet with us weekly or regularly if that is what you prefer.

CPG's brief approach is not about short versus long term therapy but all about getting the best results possible in the time-frame that you want, whether that is over an hour or over a number of months.

We find that there is nothing worse than sitting in therapy and not feeling that you are moving forward and resolving your problems. So our brief approach is all about productivity.

We empower our clients early on and that what's important. It's all about building up coping strategies that you can use out in the world where it matters and not just in the therapy room. We are devoted to enabling our clients to feel that they can cope for longer periods of time between their appointments with us.

We can meet with you weekly or fortnightly to get the ball rolling but then you may choose to spread appointments further apart. Also you may find that one session is enough, or a number of sessions are required. You may choose to 'pop-in' for a shorter one-off booster session or an intense episode of therapy involving a number of sessions over one week. We are skilled at getting the results you want with the time restrictions and requirements that you have. Of course we are also available to meet with you weekly over a long periods should this be what you require.

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