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“I find my work as a psychologist moving, challenging, and endlessly interesting. It is a privilege to work with clients to explore and resolve their difficulties, and to help them realise their potential.”

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During therapy sessions, I take account of both what is unique to each client and what is common to us all. We each have our own histories and circumstances, and our distinctive patterns of thought, feeling, and action. But at the same time, we may be more alike than we realise: we all share the same human mind with the same design flaws! 

In addressing both the particular and the universal, I draw most heavily upon "third-wave" cognitive-behavioural/mindfulness-based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT). As a committed practitioner of mindfulness myself, I have experienced its benefits and so am well-placed to communicate it to others. 

The effects of therapy depend not only on techniques and theories, but upon the quality of the relationship between therapist and client. We can best explore ourselves, the world, and new ways of being when we feel safe and cared for, and this relationship will look different for each of us. Each client brings to therapy their own experiences, expectations, and ways of relating, and I enjoy discovering how we can best meet each other with warmth, respect, and curiosity. 

Michael has experience of working with all age groups, with individuals and families, and with a wide range of presenting problems, from the relatively mild to the most severe. He is competent to work in any therapeutic modality, but has a particular interest in third-wave cognitive behavioural/mindfulness-based approaches. He has specialist training in teaching mindfulness, and has taught it to therapy clients, NHS staff and patient groups, and corporate groups.  Michael is able to provide sessions either face-to-face or online.  

Michael’s expertise covers a range of psychological problems including: low mood and depression; stress; anxiety (social anxiety, generalised anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, phobias); obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); anger; adjustment to health problems; adjustment to life changes (including relationship breakdown); relationship problems; sexual problems; addictions (including to digital media); eating disorders; trauma; behaviour problems (in children); psychosis; and bipolar disorder.

Originally trained as a lawyer, Michael has since worked as a Mental Health Advocate and then as a Psychologist within the NHS and the charity sector. Currently, he delivers individual therapy to clients, supervision to other therapists, and seminars to corporate clients (recently including Google, Reddit, and Intel). He has written two self-help books: The Little Depression Workbook and The Little Anxiety Workbook.

The Little Depression Workbook: Build the life you want with mindfulness, compassion and meaningful action (2020). Published by Hodder

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