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"I see therapy as having the potential to be uplifting, restorative and regenerative. I am here for each of my clients to support them on their journey towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.” 

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I believe it’s perfectly normal to suffer psychologically as we go through life. My role as a psychologist is to help my clients transform their current crisis into an opportunity for self-growth, fuelled by greater self-understanding and changes in behaviour (particularly when faced with psychological or relationship challenges). Therapy is about us working together; sharing and collaborating with a focus on finding workable options for each individual to move towards a more meaningful life, while navigating the challenges that inevitably get in the way. I work closely and sensitively with each of my clients to investigate their psychological and behavioural patterns; so they can find ways to use less energy fighting themselves and spend more time moving towards a happier, richer life.

Mick is a Chartered Psychologist who specialises in helping his clients to find direction, achieve career goals and navigate challenges without being held back by personal and workplace issues. He works with clients to develop psychological resilience in the face of anxiety, burnout, work-related stress, addictions, compulsions, depression and behavioural issues. He has expertise in a number of evidence-based psychological models and therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Coaching, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Mindfulness Based Approaches. With a particular interest in workplace issues Mick also delivers group coaching, counselling and training workshops. Mick is passionate about helping clients to redesign their lives to include stronger relationships, rewarding careers and fulfilling personal lives.

Mick has many years’ experience consulting to a wide range of multinational organisations and enterprises operating across business services, technology, creative industries, third sector, industrial manufacturing and finance sectors. As a Counselling Psychologist Mick has specialised in anxiety & depression, addictions, compulsions and other chronic conditions. He has worked across numerous NHS community and outpatients services and was involved in designing and implementing an innovative addictions recovery programme for a large London NHS Trust. He now works solely in private practice where he works confidentially and sensitively with all his clients. 

Mick is a Chartered Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society, where he is a member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology and the Division of Counselling Psychology. Mick gained his doctorate in Psychology (DPsych) at City, University of London. He has been published on the use of mindfulness in professional development training and was awarded the Australian Psychological Society Prize for excellence in 2013-14.


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