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Different Types of Tests

Types of psychometric testing that our clients commonly request are:

Neuropsychological testing

Neuropsychological testing is used to identify deficits in specific mental functions, such as memory, working memory, and executive functions. Such deficits might be caused by many factors, such as accidents, illness, or emotional factors, or might have no identifiable cause. 

Identifying deficits enables effective treatment, rehabilitation, or adjustment, and may lead to a specific diagnosis, such as a learning difficulty or dementia.

Ability and intelligence (IQ) testing

IQ tests assess general intellectual ability (intelligence) - a person’s performance across a wide range of mental tasks, which is not dependent upon learned knowledge or skills. Higher IQ seems to enable better work performance in a wide range of fields. 

Ability tests, meanwhile, include attainment tests (also known as work-related tests), which measure skills and knowledge relevant to a particular activity or topic (e.g. typing), and aptitude tests, which measure a person’s potential for developing skills in a particular area (e.g. science or engineering).

Personality testing

Personality tests aim to measure the ways that a person typically thinks, feels, and behaves, and so they often ask about opinions, attitudes, and how one would behave in certain situations. Personality testing can enable clients to identify the jobs and relationships that will be most satisfying for them, and can help in diagnosing personality disorders.

Career assessments

A career assessment uses tests of personality, interests, and skills to provide guidance on what type of work environment will best suit a client, and may suggests career paths that they have not previously considered.

Psychometrics for organisations

Psychometric testing can assist organisations with recruitment, staff development, and staff retention. Testing at the recruitment stage can screen a large number of candidates and identify those likely to perform well; testing of existing employees can clarify their optimal career path within the organisation and identify any difficulties with which they may need support.

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