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Types of Testing for Organisations

We offer a full range of testing services, but these are the ones that our organisational clients most often ask for:

Motivation testing

Motivation testing is a helpful tool for employers wishing to understand the career aims of potential employees, or to advise existing employees on future career directions. 

CPG's psychometric testing service can predict likely future career choices by identifying themes and patterns in past career choices using questionnaires that explore interests, attitudes, and motivations.

Work-related personality testing

Work-related personality tests allow organisations to measure aspects of a candidate's personality. They provide guidance on how a person will behave in particular circumstances.

360-degree assessment

CPG provides can provide guidance for implementing 360-degree assessment programs. 

In such assessment programmes, a committee of colleagues at various levels in the organisation provide anonymous feedback for a particular employee.

The employee is also asked to rate his or her performance in the same areas.

Our testing psychologists then map responses to give a detailed picture of the areas that require improvement.

Results are presented in a format that is clear, usable, and positive.


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