Tuesday 5 February 2019

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The Chrissy B. Show: Living in the fast lane - Sky 203
How to relax - Sky 203
The Psychology of Social Media - Instagram - Global, BBC World News
Psychological Implications of Google Glass - BBC News
The Chrissy B Show: 'Create Your Dream Life' - Sky 203
The Chrissy B Show: 'I can't cope' - Sky 203
How Much Does a Bad Night's Sleep Cost You? - Bloomberg TV
Sports Relief 2012 - BBC 1
The Killer Inside Me - Channel 4 News
'Healthy Horizons - New Year's Resolutions' - CNBC
'Boys battling low self-worth' - BBC Breakfast
'Supermodel Naomi Campbell free after...' - Reuters News
'Male Body Image and Cosmetic Surgery' - BBC News
'Teenagers body image and excercise' - BBC Breakfast
'Binge eating disorder' - BBC Breakfast

Newspapers & Magazines

Why being separated from your mobile for just a few minutes is almost as bad as post-traumatic stress disorder - Daily Mail
Benefits of stress: 10 ways to turn feeling frazzled into a good thing for your health - Evening Standard
Why being in fight mode could help you to succeed in your job - Evening Standard
6 ways to go back to work after a holiday and beat the autumn blues - Evening Standard
How Brexit has kick-started London's summer of demob mania - Evening Standard
Train your mind on the Tube: 5 exercises to completely de-stress on your commute - Evening Standard
Glastonbury 2015 is over... here's how to beat the post-festival blues - Evening Standard
Illicit pills for the hyper-competitive - Evening Standard
Set your alarm for 6am and forget business lunches: how to work your busy London schedule- Evening Standard
Time for a #tweetox: why you should give up Twitter like Jaden Smith - Evening Standard
Under pressure: burning out on the Square Mile - Evening Standard
Tame the 'monkey' worries in your brain or harness them? - Financial Times
Halloween 2014: What makes Ouija boards, demon dolls, and evil clowns so frightening? - The Independent
Delegate your anxiety: why the best way to ditch your stress is to pass it on to someone else - Evening Standard
Sleepy head: why beditation is an ideal bedtime wind-down - Evening Standard
Do YOU have a secret sex diary? Website which allows anonymous posts says racy entries are all the rage...especially by those who live in London - Daily Mail
Do YOU have a secret sex diary? Website which allows anonymous posts says racy entries are all the rage...especially by those who live in London - Daily Mail
Is the midlife crisis just an excuse? - Financial Times
Up the sleep stakes: hard-grafting Londoners are going to bed later and getting up earlier - Evening Standard
Time to move on, ladies? One-fifth of women stalk exes online using FAKE social media profiles - and one-fifth get in touch with old partners and later regret it - Daily Mail
How to channel that Matthew McConaughey magic - and maybe even win an Oscar - Evening Standard
Tech or sex: the hot obsession - Evening Standard
Did you go to the Prince gig? Eat at Gymkhana? See Punchdrunk? How we became Generation Show-off - Evening Standard
Can boxing be a good career move? - Financial Times
Tales from an overworked City - Financial Times
Don't overthink, just do it - Evening Standard
Spotlight: Under Pressure - The Risk Universe
The drop-dead gorgeous men who are afraid to look in the mirror - Look Magazine
Have you lost the human touch? - Caterer and Hotelkeeper
The art of the Instaslam: how to slap down the hashtag haterz - Evening Standard
Workaholics on the wagon - Financial Times
Are you a wifey, bish or boo? The new celebrity girl gangs - Evening Standard
Keeping it in the football family - Choice 
How falling asleep in front of the TV can make you depressed... so can giving up red meat or having too much sex - the unlikely triggers for unexplained bouts of the blues - Daily Mail
Are you a #mouthie or an #arsie? - Evening Standard
Samantha Brick: 'How I survived my career collapse' - Daily Mail
Ready for your #healthie? - Evening Standard
Weathering the storm - Canary Wharf
Don't worry, be happier - Evening Standard
The Man With The 10-Stone Testicles was 'voyeuristic and titillating', says psychologist - Metro Newspaper
Man With The 10-Stone Testicles is a ratings winner with almost 4m viewers - Metro Newspaper
Instabitionism... the new celebrity craze for scantily clad selfies - Evening Standard
Help, I've got Insta-envy! - Evening Standard
10 Happy Holiday Secrets - Top Sante
Time to switch off - Prima Magazine
Verrückt sind immer nur die anderen - TAZ (English Version)
Doga: Taking your dog to a yoga session is not barking mad - Metro Newspaper
Ever think your other half's brain must be wired differently? New research reveals you're right - The Daily Mail
Stop juggling, start single-tasking - Evening Standard
Do YOU lie on Facebook? New anonymous 'anti-social' networking site enables users to be COMPLETELY honest with the world - Daily Mail
Why women constantly lie about life on Facebook - The Telegraph
Why Admitting Failure Is a Sign of Strenght - Emerald Street
Return to the meatspace... is the virtual office dead? - Evening Standard
'Most people think it's a party': How difficult is coming out? - Metro Newspaper
Why we should relish having an empty diary - Emerald Street
Missing! - Take It Easy
Scared senseless! Photos show terror on faces of Halloween revellers as they enjoy theme parks' most frightening attractions - The Daily Mail
You've been amazing - Metro Newspaper
What drove a father to kill his three children? - The Independent
Anxiety - Your new secret weapon? - Zest
What's on your mind? So worried about going on holiday - Pick Me Up
How gadgets and the internet are turning us into a nation of emotional basket cases - Daily Mail
Five ways to be more creative right now - Emerald Street
Always switched on: the work-life merge - Evening Standard
A Baby Will Not Save Your Relationship - Female First
Your step-by-step mindfulness guide - Psychologies Magazine
How Often Have You Seen Your Friends This Week? - Emerald Street
Like Samantha Brick, I'm bullied because of my good looks - Metro Newspaper
How to stand up for yourself (without being a bitch) - Top Sante
Looking good? - OK!
Maximise your mornings - ShortList
'I lost my job & my identity' - Fabulous Magazine
Why are we so stressed out? - Psychologies
Follow what you believe in - the psychologist
Is Paranoia The New Depression? - Grazia
When the strain begins to show - Financial Times
'I was 26, earning £50,000... So why did I burn out?' - Grazia
Why bankers don't talk about stress and the City - The Times
The male self-destruct button - ShortList
From sweet bowls to endless birthday cakes: How your office is making you fat - Daily Mail
'If you're feeling down, stop doing and start being' - City A.M.
Blood feud: What can happen when you mix business with family - Daily Mail
The rage explosion: What has happened to the fairer sex? - Daily Mail
The global uncertainty survival guide - Psychologies Magazine
What happens when... - BBC Focus
Your emotional health matters - At Home with Dr Hilary Jones
'Staying positive' - Psychologies Magazine
'Redundancy: what happens when you survive the cut?' - The Saturday Times
'How to thrive in tough times' - Psychologies Magazine
'Get Back on that Wagon' - The Saturday Times
Destruction Therapy - BBC Focus
'How to... Get through a bad day' - Psychologies Magazine
'The bright side of redundancy' - The Times
'Anger in the Aisles' - BBC Focus
'British downturn's generational divide' - Los Angeles Times
'Stress in the City' - fd.het financieele dagblad 
"Pourquoi moi ?" A la City, les psys sont pris d'assaut - Le Monde
'The day I was made reduntant' - The Times
'Get a grip on taboo thinking' - Psychologies Magazine
'The age of the rage: why are we so angry' - The Times
'Slump gives City mental health crisis' - Evening Standard
'City staff driven over the edge by credit crunch' - London Lite
'Growing stress takes toll on financial workers' - International Herald Tribune (New York Times)
'Psych Out: Your Boss' - Men's Health Magazine
'How to have a Bloody Good Row!' - Top Sante
'Naked confidence' - Brand New You


Working with Mindfulness (Work smarter, reduce stress and engage; here's how to work mindfully.) - runninginheels.com
A stay calm workout for when your boss is an arse - FemaleFirst.co.uk
Why have we become addicted to being busy - The Debrief
Night night, sleep tight - BL Global
WhyŒwellness at work may not be healthy - Management Today
How to stop putting things off - Boots WebMD
The never ending to-do lists: how they affect our busyness and our confidence - recruiter.co.uk 
The social media challenge for new mums - gurgle.com
The two points in your investment banking career when you're most likely to crash and burn- efinancialcareers
Why is there a mortality gap between physical and mental illness? - HealthSector
Can risk-free alcohol exist? - HealthSector
Sleep: Are you getting enough? - Management Today
How to be happy as an investment banker - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Stay-at-home, working, and everything else in between: Is 'Motherism' really a thing? - HealthSector
UPDATE 1-Senior Barclays banker takes time off for stress - Reuters
Why traders need to get themselves to the gym, and the psychologist - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Measuring midwifery: Theory vs Practice - HealthSector
Depression in banking is growing, but could still topple your career - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Flashy no more: Bankers learn to live the frugal life - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) - British Psychological Society
Is breast always best? - HealthSector
C-section, natural birth and the importance of informed choice - HealthSector
Parental relationships and obesity in children - British Psychological Society
The seven mental disorders most prevalent in financial services - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Nine ways to stay motivated in a job you hate - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Weight gain: How genetic is it? - HealthSector
Unemployment brings fear, pain and anger - MSN
Unemployment: how not to let it get you down - MSN
Why are UK workers the most depressed in Europe? - HealthSector
Why are mental health professionals the only ones discriminating against those with mental health? - HealthSector
Expat banker burnout in far flung locations - eFINANCIALCAREERS
The anti-social network that tells the truth about your life - Reveal.co.uk
Anonymous Social Media Journal Takes The Face Out of Facebook - IT Analysis
Anger management - HealthSector
Drink driving and personality - British Psychological Society
Gender differences in healthcare attitudes: Another case of men are from Mars? - HealthSector
Move over ladies: men are turning chocoholic - The Grocer Magazine
Health and safety in child's play: Necessity or nuisance? - HealthSector
Can we choose our level of self-control? - British Psychological Society
The living victims of 9/11 - HealthSector
The killer instinct of fashion - PublicSector
Why we are no longer good queueing - British Psychological Society
How to prevent the stress of redundancy, or potential redundancy, getting to you - eFINANCIALCAREERS
ADVICE FROM A CITY PSYCHOLOGIST: How to change your lifestyle at work if you want to reduce your stress - eFINANCIALCAREERS
People often lie about height and weight - British Psychological Society
Why our self-control is so often defeated - British Psychological Society
Some more prone to violence when drunk - British Psychological Society
ADVICE FROM A CITY PSYCHOLOGIST: How to change your THINKING and pull back from severe stress - eFINANCIALCAREERS
Economic crisis takes toll on Britain's bankers - Yahoo Finance
Face à la crise, les banquiers de la City craquent aussi - WebManagerCentre
Los banqueros de la City también sucumben a la crisis - Univision Noticias 
Crise leva banqueiros da City ao desânimo e a doencas - Veja
How to change your behaviour and pull back from severe stress - eFINANCIALCAREERS
The weighting game - The Biggest Loser
Male eating disorder numbers on the up - British Psychological Society
Stressed workes 'fearful of the sack' - British Psychological Society
Life after redundancy: bouncing back from the sack - Management Today
Coping with redundancy - drinkaware.co.uk
I'm a lawyer...get me out of here - Lawandmore
'New Year's coaching course: makes your goals concrete' - Psychologies
'Former financier helps stressed City workers' - France 24 International News
'Crunch pushes up Samaritan calls' - BBC News
'Boys striving for 'body beautiful' - BBC News
'Risks mount for stressed traders as markets gyrate' - Reuters News
'5 Steps to Dealing with Angry Clients' - Business Pundit
'Binge eaters 'not getting help' - BBC News
'Chain your inner Hulk' - Men's Health


Why do people air their dirty laundry on Facebook? - Red FM 
'Male teenage boy body image' - BBC Radio 5 Live
'Emptiness' of a Christmas alone - BBC Radio

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Growth During Covid-19

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Moving Away from Shaming during Covid-19

Moving Away from Shaming during Covid-19

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Healthy Eating Habits During Lockdown

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Coronavirus tips: How to curb your anxiety about Covid-19 virus according to psychologists

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How To Beat The Post-Easter Bank Holiday Blues Under Lock-Down

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Taking a moment to reflect

Approaching Coronavirus with Compassion 

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15 May 2019

A moment of mindfulness

An exercise rom the second edition of the bestselling Mindfulness for Busy People

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22 March 2019

De-stress your commute

Learn the top five ways to de-stress your commute. Train your mind on the tube: five exercises to completely de-stress on your commute

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5 February 2019

CPG in the media

Recent contributions to the media

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29 January 2019

Oh do behave!

How to behave your way to the life you want with acceptance and committed action

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18 November 2015

Anxiety: the office fear factor

Dr Michael Sinclair talks to the Financial Times about anxiety in the workplace

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12 October 2015

Are you a deputy parent?

Why successful career women need a partner who's the boss at home

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