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Anxiety is natural. it is our mind’s “smoke alarm” - something that warns us of possible dangers and motivates us to deal with them. But, just like a smoke alarm, it can become a problem when it goes off too often, when there is no real danger. Excessive anxiety is distressing, tiring, and can interfere with your life and relationships. 

When you feel anxious you might find that your heart races, your chest and throat feel tight, your stomach feels funny, and your muscles tense. You might find yourself unable to stop worrying. Some people worry about lots of different things, others about some specific thing, such as their health. You might even find that you worry about the anxiety itself: that you are going to lose control of yourself, faint, or have a heart attack.

Psychological therapy can help. You will learn to recognise the signs of anxiety and not to be alarmed by them, to step back from your worried thoughts rather than getting caught up in them, and to do the things you want to even if they make you anxious at first.

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