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Gambling, Internet, Game, Pornography Addiction

People can get addicted to many things besides alcohol and drugs. Some of the most common are gambling, computer games, pornography, and the internet. Anything that gives us a “buzz” can become addictive and start to negatively affect our lives, using up time, money, and energy, and affecting our work, relationships, and happiness in life.

Gambling addiction can be particularly damaging because of its financial consequences. If you have a problem with gambling you might find yourself thinking about it frequently, experiencing strong urges to gamble, needing larger and larger wins to experience the same “buzz”, using it as a way to cheer yourself up or escape problems, trying to win back your losses with more gambling, lying about the extent of your gambling, and even breaking the law to obtain money to gamble with.

Psychological therapy for addictions can help you to understand the processes of addiction, to identify triggers, and to work with the thoughts and feelings that keep the addiction going.

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