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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/ME

People with chronic fatigue, also called ME, feel exhausted all the time, even when well-rested. They may also have trouble sleeping, problems with memory and concentration, and other physical symptoms such as aches and pains.

No one has been able to find a definite cause for these symptoms, which means that sufferers may have felt disbelieved by others. Despite their symptoms being very real, they may have been told that it is “all in their head” and expected to “snap out of it”. This can be very frustrating.

Although the symptoms of chronic fatigue/ME are mostly physical, psychological therapy can help. You can learn to pace yourself instead of overdoing it and then being exhausted or giving up, and to disengage from unhelpful patterns of thought about your situation. With therapy, symptoms can be managed and you can start to reclaim your life.

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