We are all experiencing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and we know that many of you will be worried and upset about what it could mean over the coming days and weeks. As always, City Psychology Group (CPG) is here to help and support you.

Many of our clients routinely make use of our equally effective online therapy sessions, so in light of the current situation our team are working very hard to ensure all clients can benefit from continued therapy online. We therefore ask for you to please bear with us during this busy period in order to enable us to continue providing you with the high quality care that we pride ourselves in. You can do this by providing us with as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend a session as demand is currently high.

We wish you well at this uncertain time, and are grateful to all those in other health services elsewhere, who are working selflessly to keep everyone safe.

Be well and there for each other.

Dr Michael Sinclair
CEO, Clinical Director

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Stress/Work-Related Stress

Stress is a modern epidemic: many of us are struggling to do more than we have the time and resources to do, and as a result feel continually under pressure and in danger of letting ourselves or others down.

The result is a chronic state of stress: our bodies and minds are continually alert and prepared for the worst, never managing to relax, rest, and restore themselves. We might feel anxious, irritable, and unable to connect properly with those we care about. When things finally get too much for us, we might become depressed. 

If you are stressed, psychological therapy can help you learn to relax, step back from anxious thoughts, get things done effectively without a sense of panic, and make wise choices about what demands you place upon yourself.

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